Practicing Our Faith in a World of Need

Sunday Forum 2020

Otey's Ministry & Witness

Past, Present & Future

As we reach the 150th anniversary of the founding of this parish, we will explore the history, mission, and vision of the church from various perspectives.

Sep 26 - Lauryl Tucker
Dorothy Sayers, Theologian
Mark 9:38-50

Oct 3 - Rob Lamborn
Rector's Forum
Mark 10:2-1 6

Oct 10 - Cindy Crysdale
Spirituality and Ethics

Mark 10:17-31

Oct 17 - Rob MacSwain

What do Saints Tell Us About God?
Mark 10:35-45

Oct 24 - Stewardship Sunday

Oct 31 - Giulianna Gray
The Greatest Commandment

Mark 12:28-34

Sunday Forum

On Sunday mornings from 9:45 to 10:45, the Sunday Forum offers parishioners the opportunity to learn and grow in their faith together. From outside speakers to guided discussions, the format changes from week to week as do the topics.


As part of the parish's response to the COVID-19 crisis, Sunday Forum is a hybrid offering. You may join us in person, wearing a mask and practicing social distancing, or you may watch the presentation livestreamed on FaceBook. Please be aware that some of the classes involve small group interactions, which do not translate well to the livestream option.

Sunday Forum is open to all ages. Some topics may be sensitive or mature.

Coffee (Half) Hour

Currently we are drinking our coffee at Sunday Forum.

Lectionary Class

At various times during the church year, we offer a Lectionary Class which focuses on the Gospel reading of the day. This is a facilitated discussion class. All ages are welcome to participate.

Parents Involved in Faith Formation

Another class which meets on an occasional basis is Parents Involved in Faith Formation. This group includes grandparents and other caregivers making a spiritual investment in the lives of children and teens.

Other Formation Opportunities

In addition to Sunday school classes, adult formation at the Episcopal Parish of St. Mark & St. Paul includes many opportunities for learning, growing, and bonding. We enjoy lectures, music, and crafts during summer VB-Us. We take trips to area churches, classes, and museums. We engage in programs designed to dismantle racism, encourage ecumenical cooperation, and move toward economic justice in the area.