The Episcopal Parish of

St. Mark and St. Paul

on the Mountain


This parish was founded as St. Paul’s-on-the-Mountain in 1870, and the name was changed to the Otey Memorial in 1891.  African Americans worshipped at separate times and in separate buildings from Caucasians, in a congregation known primarily as St. Mark’s.  In 1962, Otey Parish integrated and many St. Mark’s members joined; a formal merger took place in 1968 when St. Mark’s closed.  During the year of our 150th anniversary, and after study, conversation and prayer, we have changed the parish name to St. Mark & St. Paul.  Bishop Otey continues to be remembered prominently, and our gathering hall has been renamed in memory of Black educators Gertrude & John Kennerly.


Use the Covid-19 County Check widget for Franklin County, TN,  for guidance on how to mask for worship services and parish functions:

High - Masks in all indoor areas, second service in parish hall

Medium - Masks in public areas,

second service in church 


Low - Masks optional